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Brand of sneakers established in 1985. It was born as “Keds” professional sports brand established by American US rubber company.


The licensed brand of venerable club team established in Greenwich city, Connecticut state U.S.A. in 1983.

Charls Chaplin

The numerous works of Charlie Chaplin nicknamed King of Comedy are still loved by many people over the period and countries.

Kaiketsu ZOLOLI

This is the works of Mr. Yutaka Hara published in 1987 has 48 titles so far, and boasts a total circulation 25 million units, and is comic series character loved over parents and children.


The property of big hit picture book series its sales started in 2003 and has 9 tiles, a total circulation 1.5 million units so far. In 2010 it is in the movie remake of Kato Seishirou kun in charge of the voice.

Nezumikun no chokki

The long seller picture book “Nezumikun” series from 1974 and on has 27 tiles and a total circulation 4.8 million units so far.


New style was born with fusion of New York HIP HOP and Japanese culture.

Sports Graphic Number

Japan’s leading sports magazine first edition in 1980. Sports Casual brand proposing to the athletes living in the city.