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The Japanese Legacy authentic sport brand is very strong leaps and bound since 1920.
The craftsmen of baseball equipment's have been all successful to take over 90 years and now on.


Our real concept is to express and realize the spirit that the holograph of Hokusai in 300 years ago now appeal to us.
To arrange the artwork of Hokusai over 20,000pcs modernly.

kayo horaguchi

The artworks drawn by young and energetic illustrator “Kayo Horaguchi” have got a quick attention of sensitive shop buyers with her unique world view, And some are already merchandising.


The brand inherits the spirit of English gentleman and makes it principle of merchandising.


The brand theme is braveness of town fireman so-called flowers of Edo like “Chic””Gallant”and “Mighty”


A legendary surfer brand of Gary Linden the boss of professional surfing field. The surfer of linden team is now acting well worldwide.


The Japanese brand breathing into modern art in order to revive the classic “SHARAKU” in modern age.


A cute brand can be vivid just by putting on MAX GIRL. Mixed cool B group and sports.

cherry black

Logo of American cherry having Los Angeles taste. This brand is for cute and casual freak Young girls.


This is cute taste junior brand that the tale of a piglet named “Teamo/Love”delivers love.


This is street casual brand derived from street by car casual. A fusion of cool LA style and oriental.


Concerto playing the noble dignity. For women cherish “their life now”, feeling feminine although being basic.


This is an Italian taste casual brand, concept is “Choi waru Oyaji – A little Bad Dad”.


This is sports casual brand to form spreading unlimited potential by taking a single step. The brand logo is the design may encompass sports to casual and kids to adult.


This is the brand leading street scene having an outsider image. Surf, snowboard, street taste.


This is the mixed brand of sports and casual for New York background.


This is an active cross-country brand for the background of dynamic nature and lifestyle in England.


He is the eldest son of the founder bike “DUCATI”. The Italian casual taste “ANTONIO” is developing.

Park Lunch

This is the lifestyle brand concept is going out a little lovely than usual in the scene of “PARK DEBUT”or “WALK WITH PUPPY”.

Park Lunch

This facility is established in 2002 for the purpose of supporting the intellectual disability modern artist to be an independent as creative artist, arranging the surroundings of their creative activity. 27 artists now belong to this.


Keith OBrien is an illustrator and art director residing in Brooklyn. He began his career designing for skatebord and surf culture before directing Gap Kids Graphic Design from 2005-13.
Currently he manages his own studio specializing in fashion product, identity and environmrnt design. A brief summary of work history follows.


Ward is a grantee of both the nature, history, travel and geographic society's conservation trust and expeditions council wise must be changing life mind.
LEGACY WORLD explorers give you the firsthand scoop on the best travel spot and scope and sometimes are parts of some seriously inspiring, surprising and representing life style.


APOLLO of original words' background should be representative, symbolizing and ding into The God of Sun thoughby The Roman Myth.
There are imagining, i-conning and reorganizing Apollo Space Plan of NASA, Apollo Theater and it's so that sounds naming etc.