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Characterized the package of “どうぶつのり-Animal Glue”was born in Showa Era 50 (1975).

Sock monkeys

Sock Monkey made of socks was all the rage in the 1900s throughout the country around the time of the Great Depression that struck across the U.S.A.


Character brand, its motif is a Shiba Inu with blending Japanese taste by Zenri Yasuda, an illustrator.
To center a flagship shop in Kyoto-Karasuma, sold wide range of products through nationwide department stores, general stores, and mass retailers.
Loose character "Nagomi-Shibakko" (.Tourism ambassador of Kyoto-Sanjo Town Planning Council) is very popular, and are now participating in national events.


The Shiba Dog' famous character from graphic designer & writer – Mr. Zenri Yasuda is so dedicated new illustration works “Raku “niyando” is based on “the new cat character brand “ motif with be born in Kyoto, Japan.
< RAKU> means – joyful, hopeful & peaceful with easy-going way in your life style.  This cat character “Raku ”niyando is appareling, doing i-cons of cat character mark its feeling so comfortable , relaxation and easy way it’s forgettable un-lucky day to see character mark of “Raku”niyando


This is the character “Moja” was born from very popular shaggy mascot.The eyeballs looking around restlessly have impact and POP color variation are the points.


This is the character of stylish and cute cat drawn by free illustrator “Yuko Shimizu”, she designed “Hello Kitty” when she was working for SANRIO.


This is new style us here character that the motif “TSUTENKAKU”which is main symbol tower of Osaka.


The eraser everybody if Japanese has seen it. The pronoun of strong and effective plastic eraser appeared in Showa Era 43 (1968) and became a worldwide big hit.


Character launched in April 2014 as the world first "afro-emoticons" in South Africa.
The character Division of Mi-Fone, the largest African mobile device company, created OJU.
In the African continent, 160 companies of 34 countries have successfully commercialized OJU.
Awarded Best Character Award at the International Licensing Expo, U.S.A.
They donate part of their licensing revenue to assist children in Africa through Africa via lCT.


The fanzine issued by Yukiusa in June 2009. Started sales as a game prize such as UFO Catcher.
Cute characters became very popular mainly in women, then animated in July 2011.
Introduced "Nyanpire" at France's largest trade fair "Japan Expo" in summer 2014, and have been published comic books throughout Europe since autumn 2014.

Annoying Orange

Became a hot topic from YouTube. More than 2 billion viewers in total series!!
Already animated in the United States and character goods is a big hit in all over the world.